Brian Crowley Book Covers

Brian Crowley –  Against the Odds

This biography by Breda Joy gives a unique insight into the thoughts and feelings of Brian Crowley, as he overcame the trauma of disability.

Big Book of Hope

Brian Crowley has contributed to “The Big Book of Hope” which contains over 40 fiction and nonfiction pieces from a range of authors. The royalties from this thought provoking book go to the Hope Foundation and fund 64 projects in Kolcata, India.

HOPE works to help children born on the streets, who are denied such needs as food, shelter, healthcare, education, love, safety and support.

As well as being available in bookshops you can buy The Big Book of Hope online

The Big Book of Hope on

Please support Hope in their inspiring work in Kolkata by buying The Big Book of Hope ormaking a donation to the foundation.