2012 Sakharov prize to be awarded on Wednesday

EP president Martin Schulz will on Wednesday 12 December present the 2012 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, which this year has been won by two Iranian human rights activists; lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and film director Jafar Panahi. The laureates have designated five representatives to receive the prize on their behalf because they are unable to leave Iran.

MEPs to vote on budget 2012/2013

On the evening of Monday 10 December the budget committee will vote on a €6 billion amending budget for 2012, the budget for 2013 (€132.8 billion in payments and €150.9 billion in commitments) and three declarations about payments. The plenary vote is scheduled for Wednesday 12 December.

Preparations for the European Council

The blueprint for the future economic and monetary union will be the focus of the next European Council, to be held on 13 and 14 December. On Wednesday 12 December, Parliament will discuss and present its priorities ahead of the summit, which will be an opportunity to debate the Single Supervisory Mechanism and other key legislative proposals for the banking system.

Nobel Prize: “Your peace, your prize”

On Wednesday 12 December, the European Parliament will symbolically hand over this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to all EU citizens at a ceremony in the Strasbourg plenary chamber starting at 9.00 CET in the presence of EP president Martin Schulz and Commission president José Manuel Barroso.

EU patent: final act?

The EU could at last get a single patent system after thirty years of trying, if Parliament endorses a Council presidency compromise in a vote on Tuesday. An EU patent granted under this system could cost €980, compared to €1,850 for a US one.

Unclog airports, but not at the expense of ground staff

Rules to ensure that landing slots are used more efficiently, local residents are protected against aircraft noise and competition is boosted among ground-handling service suppliers will be put to a vote on Wednesday. MEPs are split on whether to liberalise ground-handling services further and could reject this part of the package.

Protecting animals during transport

Ideas to improve transport conditions for animals, including an eight-hour cap on journey times for animals on their way to be slaughtered, will be debated on Tuesday. The vote on the non-legislative resolution will be on Wednesday.

Migrant and minority rights: MEPs to highlight breaches

Violations of the rights of migrants, national minorities, LGBT people and others will be highlighted in a debate on Tuesday and a resolution to be voted on Wednesday. MEPs will urge member states and the Commission to step up efforts to ensure that basic rights are fully respected in Europe.

Other issues

Gear up the digital economy to boost EU competitiveness, say MEPs

Fighting resistance to antimicrobial drugs

Action to help the EU steel industry

The situation in Egypt and in the West Bank

EU response to the Syrian refugee crisis

Trade and association deals with Latin American countries

MEPs to ask that Albania be given EU candidate status

Debate on progress towards an EU association agreement with Ukraine

EU-Russia agreement must include democratic and civil liberties, say MEPs

Bans on exports of information technology to repressive regimes

MEPs give go-ahead to much anticipated financial transaction tax

How to establish a Middle East free of nuclear weapons?

MEPs to back emergency cash for Kyrgyzstan and Georgia

EP to strengthen powers of EU Maritime Safety Agency

Human rights and democracy resolutions