EU budget 2013: payments shortfall looms

Payment funding cut from the Commission’s EU 2013 budget proposal must be reinstated to enable the EU to pay incoming bills for services supplied in member states, says the EP’s budgets committee. The issue will be debated on Monday and put to a vote on Tuesday.

EU budget 2014-2020: MEPs to urge governments to say what must be cut

MEPs are set to demand a long-term EU budget that invests in research and competitiveness, as promised by EU leaders at the June summit. They will also challenge governments calling for big cuts to say what policies should be scrapped to make this possible. Debate and vote on Tuesday.

European Council outcome

Banking union, the euro zone budget idea and economic and monetary union plans will dominate Tuesday’s debate, with Commission president José Barroso and European Council president Herman Van Rompuy on the European Council summit on 18-19 October. MEPs will stress that powers transferred to EU level must be matched by stronger democratic accountability.

Strengthening passengers rights

Ever tried to obtain compensation for delays or damaged luggage, contact someone who has reliable information when delays accumulate, or find your way home when an airline went bust? In a resolution to be voted on Tuesday, MEPs are set to call for legal clarifications to strengthen passengers rights, whatever the mode of transport.

European Year of Citizens 2013

Parliament votes on Tuesday to designate 2013 as the European Year of Citizens. Events will be organised throughout the year to educate the public on the rights of EU citizens, especially those who decide to study, work, open a business or draw their pension in another member state.

Other issues

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Costly delays to the implementation of Single European Sky will be discussed

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Martin Ehrenhauser’s parliamentary immunity

EP to call for sanctions against Russian officials linked to Magnitsky case

Input to forthcoming trade deals with USA and Japan