Mid-term election of EP President. MEPs will elect the new President of the European Parliament for the next two and a half years in a secret ballot on Tuesday. If not elected by an absolute majority of valid votes cast during the first three ballots, MEPs will choose the new President from the two best scoring candidates of the third ballot, by a simple majority, in a fourth round. The election starts in the morning with short presentations by each of the candidates and might last until late in the evening. (Tuesday)

Election of Vice-Presidents and Quaestors. MEPs will also elect 14 new Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament in secret ballots, casting up to as many votes as there are vacancies. Finally, MEPs will elect Parliament’s five Quaestors and approve the new composition of Parliament’s standing committees. (Wednesday)

2017 challenges. In a debate on the outcome of the December summit with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday at 15.00, MEPs will address the challenges ahead in the areas of external and internal security, EU-Russia relations, investment in jobs, migration and arrangements for Brexit negotiations. (Debate Wednesday)

Maltese Presidency priorities. Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will address the plenary in the presence of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday at 11.10 to outline and discuss the priorities of Malta’s first-ever Council Presidency. The debate will be chaired by the newly-elected EP President. (Wednesday)

Blacklist of countries at risk of money-laundering. MEPs might veto a revised list of third countries which fail to track money-laundering and terrorism financing. A majority of MEPs of the Economic Affairs and Home Affairs committees want the Commission to extend the blacklist to countries considered to be tax havens. (Vote Thursday)

Help for refugees and migrants. Emergency relief for migrants and asylum-seekers suffering extremely severe winter conditions in central and southern Europe will be discussed on Thursday morning with Council and Commission. (Debate Thursday)

Police cooperation. Recent terror attacks in the EU have highlighted deficiencies in the sharing of law enforcement and intelligence information among EU member states. On Wednesday evening, MEPs will quiz the Council and Commission on their plans to ensure that vital information is exchanged quickly. (Debate Wednesday)