Brexit talks: progress on divorce terms not yet sufficient
A resolution setting out Parliament’s position for the 20 October EU27 summit in Brussels, when government leaders will assess progress in the Brexit negotiations, will be debated and put to a vote on Tuesday.

EU Public Prosecutor to better protect taxpayer’s money
MEPs are set to give the green light to establishing a European Public Prosecutor’s Office to step up the fight against fraud and misuse of European funds and protect taxpayers’ money.

Preventing cyber-attacks and online sexual abuse
The increase in cybercrime and the inadequacy of measures to prevent attacks on critical infrastructure or sexual abuse online demand firmer action.

Debate on Ryanair flight cancellations
As Ryanair cancels ever more flights, wrecking the travel plans of thousands of passengers, MEPs will ask the EU Commission how best to enforce passenger rights in such cases. The debate takes place on Tuesday.

Passenger ship safety update
To maintain the world’s highest level of safety for sea travel, the EP is set to modernise EU passenger ship safety rules in a vote on Wednesday.

Input on key October EU summit issues
Apart from Brexit, migration and a common EU asylum policy, defence and EU-Turkey relations will top the agenda at the 19-20 October EU summit in Brussels. MEPs will set out Parliament’s expectations in a debate with Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and the European Council’s Estonian Presidency on Wednesday morning.

• Better conditions in prisons to favour rehabilitation and prevent radicalisation
• Stopping child marriages
• Improving working conditions for women
• Update on Moldova
• COP23: MEPs to press EU to ratchet up its climate goals
• Endocrine disruptors in pesticides: Calls to veto Commission proposal
• Lorry drivers’ safety at border crossings
• Access for Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen Visa Information System
• MEPs suspect Turkey of using Interpol to track activists
• Human rights and democracy resolutions