Brexit. Political groups will set out their Brexit priorities in a key debate on Wednesday, just before talks start on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. MEPs will then vote on a resolution officially setting out the European Parliament’s key concerns and conditions throughout the process.

Germany’s President. Germany’s newly-elected Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will address MEPs in a formal sitting on Tuesday at noon.

Medical devices. Following recent breast and hip implant scandals, MEPs will vote on stricter rules for the certification and monitoring of medical devices, to ensure full traceability and patient safety. MEPs will also vote on legislation to tighten up information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices, used for example in pregnancy or DNA testing. (Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday)

Car emissions. MEPs will debate and vote on recommendations to the EU Commission and member states on how to remedy flaws in checks on car manufacturers and close legal loopholes to prevent further cheating in emissions tests, while also properly enforcing laws to protect air quality. A press conference with the chair and rapporteurs of the EMIS inquiry committee will take place after the vote at 15.00. (Debate and vote Tuesday)

Roaming. An informal agreement between the Parliament and the Council on wholesale price caps for companies for carrying “roaming” data transfers between EU countries is up for a final vote on Thursday. Wholesale price capping is the last legislative step clearing the way to reducing consumer prices to “roam like at home” levels. (Debate Wednesday, vote Thursday)

Ukraine visa-waiver. Ukrainian citizens will have the right to travel to the EU without a visa under a draft law to be voted in plenary on Thursday. The text has been informally agreed with the Council and is likely to enter into force at the start of June.

Palm oil. The EU should tackle the environmental impacts of unsustainable palm oil production, such as deforestation and habitat degradation, particularly in South-East Asia, says a resolution to be put to a vote on Tuesday. Members advocate phasing out the use in biofuels of vegetable oils linked to deforestation by 2020, and a single certification scheme for palm oil entering the EU market.

Hate speech and fake news. Hate speech, populism, and fake news on social media will be up for a topical debate in plenary on Wednesday afternoon. MEPs will discuss how the EU can better respond to these phenomena, so as to prevent interference in the democratic process and particularly in elections.

EU-US Privacy Shield. The EU Commission must ensure that the EU-US “Privacy Shield” for data transfers offers sufficient personal data protection, MEPs say in a draft resolution ahead of the first annual review of the framework expected this summer. They are alarmed by recent revelations about surveillance activities and new rules allowing the US National Security Agency to share vast amounts of private data.