Brian Crowley Working together with local communities to create opportunity and care for all
  • Brian voting in EU parliament. Brian voting in EU parliament
  • A member of President McAleeses Council of State 1997 - 2004 Brian Crowley MEP - a member of President McAleese's Council of State 1997 - 2004
  • Brian Crowley, Patron of ChildAid, visiting their projects in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Having fun at the Critical Care Nurse of the Year Awards
  • Brian with the late Mo Mowlam Brian with the late Mo Mowlam, Northern Ireland Secretary of State, during a Peace & Reconciliation Conference
  • E.U. President Barroso with Brian Crowley in Brussels European Commission President Barroso with Brian Crowley in Brussels
  • Brian Crowley at the U.S. Senate Brian Crowley at the U.S. Senate on a Trade & Commerce mission
  • Ted Kennedy Jnr pictured with Brian arranging Irish/American initiatives on the employment of people with a disability

About Brian

Brian Crowley is the longest serving Irish MEP in Europe.  He has also served in the Irish Senate and was a member of President Mary McAleese’s Council of State. 

“My work in Europe is about you and your local area.  I have always believed in delivering EU action at local level. 

If we are to provide opportunity and care for all, we must discuss, agree, and prioritise the changing local issues that affect our day to day lives.”

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