Brian Crowley, Patron of ChildAid, visiting their projects in Nairobi, Kenya His courage and optimistic approach to life are what people admire about Brian Crowley; in short, character.

He is also considered one of the hardest working MEPs around.  So, when the character attributes are added to his solid bedrock of substantial policy and work achievements in Munster, Brussels and Strasbourg, you can get close to understanding the Crowley style.

Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe, well educated, confident and outward looking.  Brian Crowley reflects and represents this reality.  Since being first elected, his policy has been ‘EU Action at Local Level’.  So every weekend he meets individuals and groups in different parts of the South Constituency.  These meetings are about accessing EU programmes and listening to the needs of people in their own area.  “If you want to know our core values as a people and a nation, and where we want to see Ireland in the years ahead, then you must meet people and listen.  Those are the voices that challenge and spur me on to deliver local economic opportunity and care for all sectors of society”, said Brian Crowley.

Brian’s caring approach to people’s needs has set him apart – and his policy of ‘EU Action at Local Level’ means he has been in your local area more than any other MEP.  “I believe in bringing the needs of the people to the EU – not the needs of the EU to the people.”

There have been other prominent wheelchair-using politicians around the world, the best known historical figure being FD Roosevelt.  He was the longest serving president in US history and the first wheelchair-using president to lead a great nation.  Under his tenure the American people came to accept the idea that it is possible for a government to be compassionate, with its first responsibility, the wellbeing of its citizens.  President Roosevelt’s disability deepened his understanding of human nature and brought him into direct contact with the less fortunate in society.

After his death, his wife Eleanor remarked that his disability proved a blessing in disguise, giving him strength, an understanding of human suffering and the knowledge that it could be overcome.  He also knew that with spiritual and physical courage, there was no situation that could not be met.

Brian Crowley attended Hamilton High School in his native Bandon, Co. Cork and later received a Diploma in Law at UCC in 1993.  That same year he entered the Senate as government spokesman on Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

Brian Crowley also served, over past years, on the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament.

Other committees he served on included the Constitutional Affairs group and he was a substitute on the Committee on Fisheries, Petitions, Legal Affairs and relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union.