Debate on 22-23 June European Council and G20 preparations with Presidents Tusk
In Wednesday’s morning’s key debate, MEPs will take stock of the outcome of the 22-23 June European Council and discuss initial progress in Brexit negotiations with Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. They will also give their input to the G20 meeting of world leaders to be held in Hamburg (Germany) 7-8 July.

Estonia’s EU Council Presidency priorities up for debate with PM Jüri Ratas
Estonia’s Prime Minister Jüri Ratas presents the incoming EU Council Presidency priorities to MEPs on Wednesday.

Making goods more durable and easier to repair
Consumers should be able to benefit from durable, high-quality products that can be repaired and upgraded.

Turkey risks freeze of EU accession talks
Turkey’s EU accession talks should be suspended if proposed changes to the constitution go ahead, as these go against EU membership criteria, MEPs are to say on Wednesday.

HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C epidemics on the rise
HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C epidemics should be tackled better at EU level with long-term programmes, say MEPs

Counter terrorism – vote to set up new committee
A proposal to establish a temporary committee on counter terrorism will be put to the vote on Thursday. The new committee will examine what is needed to improve anti-terror cooperation in the EU. In the past, MEPs have in particular stressed the need for increased cooperation and information-sharing among member states.

New rules to disclose taxes paid by multinationals country by country
Large multinationals should provide publicly available information on how much tax they pay and where, according to draft rules to be debated and put to the vote on Tuesday.

EU plan to tackle root causes of migration
Single seat for the European Parliament
Vote on the appointment of Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner-designate for Digital Ec
Commission 2018 work programme
MEPs: use €6.4 billion EU budget refund for refugee aid
EU rules to make more books available for blind people
Private security companies need to be more accountable
MEPs back first ever EU-Cuba deal
EU financial help for Moldova
Further trade concessions to Ukraine
MEPs to debate Saudi Arabia’s election to UN women’s rights commission
Anti-dumping: more robust rules to defend EU industry and jobs
EU Budget for 2018 must generate growth, jobs and ensure citizens’ security
Future of the EU finances
Fight against fraud: creating a level playing field across Europe
€1 million in aid for job-seeking for 339 former coal miners in Spain
Culture to play a bigger role in EU diplomacy
Human rights