Future of Europe debate with Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
MEPs will exchange views about the future of Europe with Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday at 17.00.

Civil protection: Pooling resources to respond better to disasters
An upgrade of the EU’s civil defence mechanism, tested to its limits in 2017 and 2018 by forest fires, storms and floods, will be put to a vote on Tuesday.

EU-Singapore free trade agreement up for approval
Parliament decides on Wednesday whether to approve the free trade and investment protection agreements between the EU and Singapore.

EU should keep investing in all regions to boost economic and social cohesion
MEPs will vote on EU 2021-2027 funding rules and are set to oppose cuts to finances dedicated to regions.

The EU to take a closer look at foreign direct investment
Parliament is to vote on Thursday on setting up the first EU-level tool to screen foreign direct investment on grounds of security to protect strategic sectors.

EU cross-border payments outside Eurozone: MEPs to vote on lower fees
Banks should charge equally for cross-border payments in euro and domestic payments and make currency conversion costs more transparent.

Arctic Ocean: long-term plan to prevent unregulated fishing
MEPs will vote on whether to approve an international agreement to prevent unregulated commercial fishing in the high seas of the central Arctic Ocean.

Western Waters: final vote on the multiannual plan to manage fisheries
MEPs will vote on a plan to manage fishing opportunities in the Western Waters for demersal species, already informally agreed with EU Ministers.

A new EU-Morocco fisheries partnership to include Western Sahara
MEPs will vote on whether to give their consent to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Morocco that also covers the Western Sahara region.

Improving transport conditions for animals
Following media reports about ill-treatment of transported animals, MEPs will look into ways to improve their welfare, on Thursday.

Take medical use of cannabis seriously, say MEPs
MEPs will debate ways to address research gaps on medical cannabis with the European Commission, and adopt a resolution on Wednesday.

Europe is moving at a snail’s pace on pesticide innovation, say MEPs
Member states have failed to replace chemical pesticides with low-risk alternatives, says a report to be put to the vote on Tuesday.

MEPs expected to call for more focus on artificial intelligence and robotics
Developing EU rules and guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will be the focus of a debate on Monday evening.

Droughts: promote water reuse for agricultural irrigation
Plans to counter water scarcity by facilitating the reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation will be put to a vote on Tuesday.

Stepping up the fight against anti-gypsyism
The EU and its member states should do more to fight anti-gypsyism and implement concrete measures to promote Roma inclusion, Parliament is set to say.

MEPs concerned about backlash against women’s rights in the EU
MEPs will quiz the Commission on the growing discrimination women are facing in some member states, on Tuesday and vote on a resolution on Wednesday.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: MEPs concerned by slow progress on EU-related reforms
MEPs call on the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to proceed with constitutional and political reforms, in order to advance with the EU integration process.

Human rights and democracy resolutions
Parliament will hold urgent debates on the following human rights, democracy and rule of law topics on Thursday 14 February, at around 10.00, with the votes following at 12.00.

How to make the most of EU citizenship
MEPs to discuss on Monday evening how to further strengthen and guarantee EU citizens’ rights.

MEPs to ask for enhanced political scrutiny over EU institutions
MEPs will discuss how to enhance parliamentary oversight of the EU Commission, and the democratic legitimacy of EU institutions in the process, on Monday evening.