Future of Europe debate with Slovak Prime Minister Pellegrini
Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini will debate with MEPs on Tuesday at 10.00 his vision of the future of the EU to ensure it delivers on citizens’ expectations.

MEPs to debate priorities of 21-22 March EU Summit
On Wednesday morning, MEPs will discuss their priorities for the 21-22 March EU summit with the Romanian Council Presidency and the Commission.

MEPs to limit negative impact of no-deal Brexit on citizens
To ensure the least possible disruption to citizens and businesses, MEPs will vote on travel, air and road transport, Erasmus, social security and fisheries measures.

Climate action: EU’s roadmap to 2050
MEPs will debate the long-term reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions with the Council and Commission, and adopt a resolution on Thursday.

Cybersecurity: MEPs to counter IT threat from China
Security threats due to China’s rising tech presence in the EU are set to be addressed in a resolution voted on Tuesday. MEPs will also adopt the EU Cybersecurity Act.

Counteracting hostile propaganda ahead of 2019 European Elections
MEPs are set to protect European democracies from foreign actors spreading misinformation or misusing personal data.

Parliament to establish its position on EU’s future relations with Russia
The EU should remain open to imposing further sanctions if Russia continues to violate international law, says a draft resolution to be put to the vote on Tuesday.

EU-US trade negotiations: Parliament to decide on its support
Parliament to decide on Thursday whether to endorse the launch of limited trade talks with the United States, linking their conclusion to certain conditions being met.

EU-Turkey relations need to be redefined
MEPs to reiterate their recommendation to formally suspend EU accession talks with Turkey, in a draft resolution to be put to the vote on Wednesday.

Security and borders: enhanced information sharing on non-EU nationals
A brand new EU information system and the upgrade of another will ensure information on border control and law enforcement is shared more efficiently and quickly.

Clean air: calls for better enforcement of EU standards
MEPs are to set out ways to cut air pollution, in a resolution to be adopted on Wednesday.

Food supply chain: new rules to clamp down on unfair trading
The draft EU law to protect farmers against unfair trading practices, by buyers, will be debated in plenary on Monday, and voted on Tuesday.

Improving the European Citizens’ Initiative strengthens participatory democracy
The European Citizens’ Initiative is set to become more accessible, inclusive and easier to use.

Non-performing loans: new measures to cover losses
MEPs are set to introduce EU rules for standard minimum coverage of bad loans, on Thursday.

Member states are hampering efforts against money laundering, Parliament to warn
MEPs are concerned that member states have scuppered the Commission’s plan to add countries to the EU money-laundering blacklist.

Votes on candidates to financial supervisory watchdogs amid gender balance row
Plenary will vote on the appointment of candidates to the EU’s financial watchdogs on Thursday, amid concerns from MEPs that women are woefully under-represented.

MEPs to debate new EU sanctions for human rights perpetrators
Inspired by the US Magnitsky Act, the scheme would impose asset freezes and visa bans, to punish individual culprits of human rights atrocities.

Goods and services must be easier to use for disabled and elderly persons
Key products and services, like smartphones, ATMs, ticketing machines and banking services, will have to be made more accessible to people with disabilities.

Nicaragua: MEPs to support internal dialogue and respect of fundamental rights
Negotiations between Nicaraguan authorities and opposition, aimed at solving the country’s political crisis, will be the centre of a plenary debate on Wednesday.

Human rights and democracy resolutions
Parliament will hold urgent debates on the following human rights, democracy and rule of law topics on Thursday morning 14 March, with the votes following at 12.00.